who is he?

I am a multi-media based artist located in Baltimore who focuses on abstract ideas that often convey a sense of peculiarity and hone in on the true weirdness of life. I'm often inspired by everyday objects and encounters which become illuminated in the work and concepts that I develop. Through my work I look to embrace the unusual in the form of story driven pieces that catch viewers eyes and make them want to delve deeper into the worlds I create. I believe everyone has something unique and interesting about themselves that can be constructed into an intriguing narrative or highlighted in a single photo. It's this connection to people and a desire to tell their stories that I wish to keep exploring through as many means as possible.

This idea of story telling in my art has led me to work with a wide variety of companies, having my work published in magazines such as Tattoo and Elle as well as being featured on album covers for musicians.

If you'd wish to download Danny's portfolio you can do that here