who are we?

Danny is a photographer and cinematographer based in Baltimore who focuses on abstract ideas that often convey a sense of peculiarity and hone in on the true weirdness of life. He’s often inspired by everyday occurrences which become illuminated in the work and concepts that he develops. These are carried out in the form of story driven pieces that catch viewers eyes and make them want to delve deeper into the worlds he creates. Danny graduated from UMBC with a B.A. in Media and Communication Studies.

Dylan is an aspiring screenplay writer and feature film director. He often draws his inspiration from the challenges he’s faced as well as the people he’s met. Between hiking from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian and training in mixed martial arts he has plenty of stories to tell. Dylan is currently working towards his associate’s degree in Film Studies which he plans to have next year.

We believe everyone has something unique and interesting about themselves that can be constructed into an intriguing narrative. It's this connection to people and a desire to tell their stories that we wish to keep exploring through as many means as possible.