What is his process?

So you want to know what it's like to collaborate with me on a shoot? If the answer is 'yes' then keep on reading.

When coming up with a shoot idea for someone the first question I ask them is "what is the purpose or goal of this shoot? What idea are you trying to convey?" Usually people will have some sort of mood or story they're looking to tell in this instance, don't worry if you don't have a specific idea though, I'm more than willing to come up with something from scratch. The main goal of my shoots is to create an engaging piece of art that you'll be able to use to grab peoples attention in a way they haven't seen before.

In forming a shoot from start to finish I'll think about colors, wardrobe, props and set design. All of these elements come together to form a cohesive and help build a stronger narrative throughout the shoot. 

After the initial talk I will usually come up with a few ideas that I feel fit within the parameters of what we discussed to present to you. After we decide on a shoot from the proposed ideas we'll set a date(s) for our shoot and I'll move forward with coming up with shot ideas and finding all the necessary elements we need to bring the shoot to life. This means putting together wardrobe if necessary (sometimes I have the model(s) provide their own) or having costumes designed and crafted, buying props, putting together a color theory board and acquiring a location for us to shoot in. Along this process I may ask for your opinion on certain aspects of the shoot as I put them together and I'm always here for any questions you may have as well. 

The day of the shoot I'll have you meet me at our agreed upon location. I'll usually arrive about 30 minutes to an hour before we plan to shoot to set up lighting and and set decorations if need be. When you arrive we'll go over what I'm thinking in terms of shots for the shoot and I'll also work with any ideas you may have as well. While I'll have some shots specifically planned out most of the stuff I shoot comes from spur of the moment inspiration. I feel like these pockets of creativity that come about the day of the shoot allow me to work in a more organic way. Feeling out the energy of the shoot helps with achieving a more natural look which I believe brings about the strongest work. A lot of these organic moments are offshoots from my pre-planned ideas so as to fit within the cohesiveness of the narrative.

After we're done with our shoot I'll sort through everything captured and organize all the best material.

For photoshoots I'll send over a sheet with unedited photos for you to select from for me to edit. Most shoots allow you to select 10 photos for me to edit but I'm always flexible with what your needs are from a shoot as well. After you've selected the photos you want edited I'll send the edited shots over to you for review. During this time you should let me know if there are any major revisions to the photos that need to be made. After these revisions, if there are any, you'll be able to suggest minor tweaks to these edits. This process of revisions works the same for all video work I complete as well. Instead of sending unedited photos over though I'll send a rough edit of our proposed video project for you to see and get your opinions on.

After all is said and done my goal is to leave you with something that you'll be proud to share and will stand out as a unique piece of art whether for promotional purposes or to have as something all for yourself.